• Youngset offers two classrooms, each serving a different age group.

    • Junior Classroom: 16 children ages 3 and 4

    • Senior Classroom: 18 children ages 4 and 5

  • Big Block Room: An additional space for crafts and imaginative play. Throughout the year this room is decorated as the following: fire station, castle, Santa's workshop, rain forest, grocery store, pet hospital, outer space and student-led themes.

  • Playground: If it's sunny we are outdoors during recess!

  • Gym: Children enjoy a variety of scoot bikes, basketball hoops, tumbling mats and other activities.

  • Lunch and Snack Room

Enrichment Programs

Various enrichment events are hosted at the school throughout the year. All families are welcome to attend the enrichment events even if their child is not enrolled on the day it occurs.

  • Fire Truck Day

  • Music Together

  • OMSI - Wee Wonders of Science

  • Reptile Zoo

  • Art Day

  • Penny's Puppets

Food Allergy Policies

Your child's safety is our top priority. Youngset currently implements a NUT FREE and FISH FREE policy that extends to snack time and lunch bunch.

  • Snack time: Snacks must be from the approved list of food items approved by the parents of students with food allergies.

  • Lunch Bunch: Food is never shared. Students are not allowed to bring nut or fish items in their lunches but they may bring items that are processed in facility with nuts.