Frequently Asked Questions


How often will I be scheduled to parent-help?

Each school day, two parents help in both of the classrooms (from 8:45 to 12 noon).  The number of parent-help days depends on the number of days a child attends Youngset and how many families are enrolled in the class. On average, if a child attends two days a week, there will be 12-14 parent help days a school year; three days a week, 15-16 help days; and four days a week, 17-18 parent help days. The schedule is made up by one parent in each class.  Before putting the schedule together, the scheduler asks for day preferences and conflicts to attempt to craft a schedule that can work well with parent’s other commitments.  And, once the schedule is set, as unexpected conflicts arise, parents may switch days with other parents. 

May my child’s grandparent (or other relative) parent-help in the classroom?

Yes, grandparents and nannies/caregivers are permitted to parent-help in the classroom. The grandparent or nanny must comply with the background check policy and is also encouraged to attend the Parent Helping Orientation at the beginning of the year.

Does my child need to be toilet trained to enroll in Youngset?

Yes, children entering both the junior and senior classes need to be out of diapers and pull-ups. If your child has special toileting needs, please contact the class teacher prior to enrollment.

May I bring my other children when I help in the classroom?

No. Because parent-helpers are in effect assistant teachers for the day, a parent must be able to fully focus on the children in the classroom and not be distracted by the needs of another child. Some families in our community work together to trade off caring for younger siblings during parent help days.

What are the 2017-2018 immunization rates for Youngset?

  • DTap - 98% Complete, 2% Non-medical exception
  • Polio (IPV)- 100% Complete, 0% Non-medical exception
  • Varicella - 100% Complete, 0% Non-medical exception
  • MMR - 98% Complete, 2% Non-medical exception
  • Hep B - 98% Complete, 2% Non-medical exception
  • Hep A - 96% Complete, 4% Non-medical exception
  • Hib - 98% Complete, 2% Non-medical exception

What is PCPO?

Youngset is a member of Parent Child Preschools of Oregon (PCPO).  A Parent Child Preschool is defined as a program providing a multi-faceted curriculum consistent with the needs of young children, with parents assisting in the classroom on a daily basis, providing education, and making decisions. Members of the Board of Directors attend the monthly meetings with PCPO to encourage the exchanging of ideas between other co-op preschools.

What is Youngset’s relationship with the First United Methodist Church?

Youngset is fortunate to be a tenant of the First United Methodist Church but does not share any religious affiliation with the church. Youngset is not a religion-based preschool and membership in Youngset is available without regard to religion. 

First United Methodist Church houses the Goose Hollow Family Shelter, a multi-denominational mission providing temporary overnight shelter for homeless families.  The activities of the Family Shelter are contained in separate spaces from Youngset; residents depart the shelter at 7:30 a.m. Youngset supports the mission of the Family Shelter through a Valentine’s Day giving drive where members of our community donate items to help residents.   

What other commitments does Youngset require beside parent-helping?

As parents in a cooperative preschool, we are responsible for the operation and policies of the school. As a result, one parent in each family must serve on a committee or on the board. Committee positions vary in the amount of time required and each family can select a job that works best for their interests and schedule. Some examples of committee positions include: classroom play-dough maker, classroom supplies shopper, website coordinator, memory book coordinator, and special parties planner. 

In addition to parent helping and committee jobs, there are a few additional obligations of members:

  • Attend two general membership meetings (held in the evening - one in September and one in February). The September general meeting will include a Parent Helping Orientation for new families.

  • Volunteer for an additional three to six hours of help at the beginning of each semester. This could include joining a cleaning party, providing childcare during a board meeting, being a helper during lunch bunch, or being the emergency helper.

  • Participate by donating or procuring $250 worth of goods or services to auction at our annual auction, the primary school fundraiser, held in early November.

  • Pay $15 to stock an Emergency Comfort Kit to be provided to your child in case an emergency were to occur while school is in session at Youngset.

Why do I need to have a background check?

Effective on July 1, 2010, the Oregon State Legislature passed ORS.657A.255 which states, a “preschool recorded program may not operate the program without performing criminal background checks for all staff and volunteers and becoming recorded with the Child Care Division of the Employment Department.” Youngset Preschool is a recorded program and complies with ORS.657A.255. All adults performing parent-help duties must submit and clear a background check.

What does this mean, exactly?

Because Youngset is a co-op and requires all families to parent-help, any parent, grandparent, nanny/caregiver, etc. performing the family’s classroom volunteering duties will be required to complete a criminal history/background check. Each family will receive up to two background checks per family as a part of the annual Registration Fee. Any additional background checks will be $5 each. Youngset recommends that at least two adults per family are background checked and able to parent help when needed.

What is the Admission Policy?

Membership in Youngset Cooperative Preschool is available without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin.

Youngset maintains a waiting list for each school year. Parents may place a child on a waiting list from birth up to the time a child is age eligible for enrollment. During the time that a family is on the waiting list, the position may change as families drop off the list, returning families add younger siblings to the list, or an alumni of Youngset returns with his/her child.

Every year, two groups of children are enrolled: Juniors (3 year-olds as of September 1st) and Seniors (4 year-olds as of September 1st). There is a maximum enrollment of 16 children per day in the Junior class and 18 children per day in the Senior class. Children may attend 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week. If the Junior class has not reached maximum enrollment by June 1st, students born after the September 1st cut-off may be added at the teacher’s discretion. The Registrar will contact interested families at that time.

Each January, there is an evening Open House for parents of children on the waiting list for the upcoming school year. Families are invited to a presentation by the Board and have the opportunity to meet the teachers, visit the classrooms, and mingle with other prospective families. This year, there is also an informal afternoon Open House for families. Immediately after the Open Houses, contracts are distributed in the following order:

  1. returning students;

  2. siblings of Youngset alumni;

  3. children of Youngset alumni; and

  4. children from the waiting list by order of inquiry.

It takes approximately one month to collect the initial 26 contracts and schedule the incoming Junior class. During this time, many families are exploring other preschools and making alternative arrangements. As a result, there can be quite a bit of movement in the waiting list as space becomes available. When a space becomes available, the Registrar will contact the next family on the waiting list and let them know what days are available. The new family will have 24 hours to tell the Registrar whether they would like the spot